English -> 16 April 1861 The Old Canaseragas (former Co. L, 59th militia, Dansville, NY)

The Old Canaseragas (former Co. L, 59th militia, Dansville, NY)


On the 16th of April, 1861, these members of Co. L, 59th militia, tendered that company to the commander-in-chief of the state for immediate service, and in case this tender was not accepted, they individually tendered their services as volunteers under provision of the three millian act, viz:


Carl Stephan

Geo. Hasler

Geo. Hyland, Jr

Ralph T. Wood

H. R. Curtis

M. J. Bunnell

D. D. Stilwell

G. P. Ehle

A. J. Hartman

A. Kenney

DeForest P. Lozier

M. Harlo Fitch

G. B. Stanley

Miles O. Wright

William H. Drehmer

Ezra Marion.


The services of the company would not be accepted, and these men volunteered and became a part of Co. B 13. N.Y. volunteers. It will be noticed that the paper is dated on the very day the act was passed authorizing the employiung and equipping of a volunteer militia and to provide for the public defense. The original document is in possession of Major Mark J. Bunnell. This Co. L. was popularly known as the Old Canaseragas.


from: „Dansville“, by A.O. Bunnell, F.I. Quick.

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