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B-17G   # 43-38760   OE X   Lucky Lady I

95 BG 335 FS

Base: AFB Horham

target: Biblis AFB (German) near Frankfurt am Main

Tag: 24.12.1944

no MACR = plane landed on occupied territory


P             Purdy                     Glenn T.                       + 1996

CoP         Harris                    Theodore R.                 

Nav         McEwan                  William A.                    

Bom        Strauch                  Carl B.                         

Rad         Schneider               Edward W.                   

TT           Miller                     Henry J.                        + 25.12.1969

WG         Ganster                  James P.                       + 05.11.1987

BT           Hampton                Horace E.                     

TG           McCain                   Richard A.                     + 05.04.1983


Robert J. Spitznagel from Cincinnati, Ohio, was with the crew when they crossed the Atlantic but later transferred to another crew as a Radar Jammer. He was not with them on the crash flight. He sent me the story of the crash as reported by the pilot, Glenn T. Purdy.


One of the two big tires of the plane is now part of my collection of air plane parts. Our group found it in 1999 in the garden of Monsieur Raymond Weber, Spicheren, France. Together with his uncle he had taken it from the plane wreck and rolled it home - over a distance of 15 miles. 50 years it covered the chicken house.


Roland Geiger


left to right: Uwe Benkel, Roland Geiger, Björn Jacobson, Sascha Stromereder

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